4 Signs That Mean It's Time To Rebrand

Hello lovelies, today we want to share 4 signs that mean it's time to rebrand. We thought as it tends to be our most common question we are asked when we attend networking events, that we would share some signs that mean you are due a rebrand. Why rebrand as a small creative business? Well, the answer is simple, we live in a society where presence online is everything, if your branding isn't on-point, then your competitors could be taking that business from you. So let's get into the post...

  1. You are getting clients that are far from your ideal clients.

Remember what they teach you when starting up a business? Market to your ideal client, why? Well, if you are relating to this sign then you know why. Clients that are not our ideal clients, can cause us to get side-tracked and result in doing work we didn't set out to do in the first place. You may find these clients more difficult to deal with, because they aren't within our area of expertise. That's okay at times, but if you are seeing a pattern, you need to take a step back and re-assess your business branding. Don't be scared to rebrand either, as a creative business you have to always adapt to the fast pace industries we work within, it can be extremely competitive out there.

Focus on what you set out to do, by rebranding, this ensures that you target the right client for you and your business.

2. You feel like your competitors branding is better.

Now, whilst it isn't always important to compare yourself to others, it is worth keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing. Are you losing business to them? It's far too common now for millennials to use your overall presence online as a way of determining whether you are a legitimate business or not. If your branding isn't on point, this could be the trick you are missing. You don't want a dated website. If you feel like your competitors website is better than yours, it's time for a change. Don't become obsessed with watching what your competitors are doing, be one step ahead of the game and be better than them.

3. You have seen a drop in new business the last 6 months.

Some creative industries have a seasonal pattern in business which can result in a quieter time period for new business enquiries. However, it is important to be aware of patterns and problems. If you are unsure as to why you have seen a drop in business the last 6 months, this could be due to dated branding. We cannot stress how important this is when it comes to driving new business for yourself. Use platforms like google analytics and instagram to keep track of what has been going on.

4. You have chosen a different direction for your business to grow in.

We are most definitely guilty of this one.... obviously we love a rebrand and get just as excited when our clients want one! Sometimes you just need a rebrand to fit a new style of service you want your creative business to head towards. Have you launched a new product that perhaps doesn't fit your current branding? These are all things worth considering to ensure that you target the right client and right traffic to your website to drive these sales and new business enquiries. Building a business takes time and even the most established will steer their business off into a different direction if they feel there is a new purpose. Don't be shy, speak to us for a free consultation on a rebrand!