Top 3 Tips for Local SEO

Hello lovelies, today we want to bring you our Top 3 Tips for Local Seo. It's one of those topics that you are either familiar with or you aren't, and it can be very confusing. Well, I've got news for you, it is confusing, even to us professionals! The reason being, google update their algorithm on a daily basis, which means we have to work harder with our SEO clients to ensure we are generating that ranking on google. So here's our Top 3 Tips for Local SEO that will help you...

  1. Keeping your blogs updated with relevant content.

We hear this all the time, blog blog blog. The reason why you need to keep updated with blog posts is because google with recognise that a change has happened to the website. It is important to ensure that every 4 weeks a change is done, however we always advise blogging once a week. You don't want to spam your blog post with different keywords either, stick to one for that post and make sure it is listed around 4-5 times. Keep it relevant to what your readers may want, yes we can go off track slightly, but think about what you would find interesting. Don't bombard your readers with overselling your service in your blog post either, it makes it a boring read. Keep it simple, keep it informative and write at least 500 words per blog post.

2. Research your Local SEO Keywords.

Why should you research your local SEO keywords? Well, the answer is very simple. You cannot guess what you think the words might be, it doesn't work like that. You will be surprised as to what people research on google. There are a few different ways in which you can do this, one of them is to simply begin typing into google "Top 3 Tips for Local SEO" or "Creative Agency Sussex" or "Website Design Chichester" and see what follows on from this. Ideally you will want access to tools such as Google Keywords that will allow you to search for relevant keywords related to your business. Another way of doing this is by looking at what your competitors may be ranking for, if they are ranked higher than you, they will of course be taking that business.

3. Ensure you have your business address on google.

We cannot stress how important this is when it comes to our Top 3 Tips for Local SEO, to ensure that you have your business address on google. It's simple to do and it is the difference between ranking locally and not. If you are not visible on google maps, it is going to make your local Search Engine Optimisation campaign 10x harder. Google reviews also help, so ask your clients to ensure that they write a review after using your services. Everybody uses google when it comes to finding out about a business, so don't miss out on this local SEO opportunity.

If you would like help with your Local Search Engine Optimisation, you can visit our SEO page which will give you some pricing options.